The studio’s workflow is designed around our analog chain and mindset, constantly evolving as we experiment to optimize our signal path and approach. We offer a friendly and professional atmosphere, aiming to create an open space where your creative vision can be fulfilled.


  • Neumann SP-272 Mastering desk with PEVc EQ and HT66 filters
  • Airfield Liminator M2 (Opto Mastering compressor)
  • Summit Audio EQ-200 by Rupert Neve (Mastering EQ)
  • Audio Line AL112 by Livio Argentini (Mastering EQ)
  • Neumann W 492 x 2 (Mastering EQ)
  • Orban 642B (Mastering EQ)
  • Elysia Xpressor (Stereo VCA Compressor)
  • NTP 179-400 (Limiter)
  • Avenson Audio Mid-Side (mid side matrix)
  • M-Chain - Passive Switcher (Custom Console)

Converters / Recorders:

  • PrismSound Titan
  • Flokason AM44 Mastering lathe
  • Vinylrecorder T560 + Caruso cutterhead
  • Telefunken M15a 1/4" Master Tape Recorder
  • Fostex D5 Master Dat recorder
  • Tascam 122 MKIII Master Cassette recorder
  • Tascam 112 Master Cassette recorder


  • Sound Skulptor MC624 (Monitor Controller)
  • PSI A23m (Main Monitor)
  • NTP 550 Phase and Peak Meter
  • Mission 525 (Hifi Passive Speakers)
  • AKG 240 Mk II Studio


  • Furman M-10x (Power Filter)
  • Soundtracs Solo Rack (Vintage 12 CH Mixer)
  • Technics SL 1210
  • Teksonor DK 901 and DK 902 turntables