Analogcut is a mastering studio and vinyl dubplate cutting room in Berlin. Our skilled engineers and high-end analog equipment will elevate your music's punch, presence, and brilliance. Combined with our detailed monitoring we can make your music sound at its best, while staying true to your style and creative vision.

If a project requires deeper work our Stem Mastering and Mixing Services are your best choices. Oftentimes Stem Mastering provides us with enough tools to reach the sound your music deserves. Additionally, our in depth Mixing Service allows us to pay attention to each instrument and detail of your song, perfecting its balance, depth, and spatialization.

We also offer hand-cut PVC vinyl dubplates, with the same lifespan as of pressed records. This makes it possible for DJs to play unique vinyl sets, cut unreleased tracks and loops, or even custom copies for scratching. By cutting small runs of records we aid independent labels and musicians in promoting their music affordably.

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