Analog Mixdown

A good song needs an external couple of ears to create the right sound for each instrument and a prefect mix between them.
We give to your project all the warmth of high-end analog equipment, combined with the flexibility of the DAW and the accuracy of some top class plug-ins.

The mixdown can be done together, to better understand what you want to achieve from the project, or can be done online, just giving us some info about what kind of sound are you looking for and hopefully having a Skype interview to define the work to do and keep the artist integral part of the process. Every kind of info you think can be useful for us to get the result that you have in mind is important, together with some reference songs and artists.

For us is very important to provide a service totally satisfactory for our customers!

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Analog Enhancement

This service is aimed to the “all in the box” producers, that want to improve the presence and the impact of their music.

Providing a rough mix and the midi tracks of your song, we completely recreate the sound using our collection of vintage and modern synths and drum machines, or organic instruments. In this way you’ll have your song produced with the sound of the real instruments, that will improve the final result drastically. The entire process should be attended, creating a collaboration between the producer and our engineer and providing all the tools that ensure to reach a superior sound.

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Music Production

We offer music composition, production and sound design for any needs.

Over the years we have collaborated with tens of artists in every genre, film makers and currently we are in strict collaboration with one of the most important music library’s company in the world: Popvirus.
Simply explain to us your idea or your need and we’ ll create the sound that you need!

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