Analog Mixdown

When a project requires deeper work, our Mixing Service is your best choice. Sometimes an external couple of ears is just what is needed to bring your music to the next level. Each detail and instrument of your project will be given the warmth of high-end analog equipment, combined with the flexibility and accuracy of top class plug-ins.

Facilitating a high level of communication to achieve your vision is integral for our process. Please provide any information that can be useful to us, such as reference songs and artists.

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Analog Enhancement

Our Analog Enhancement service is aimed at “in the box” producers that want to improve the presence and impact of their music by analog processing and recordings. We bring your rough mix and midi tracks through the process of a fully analogue recording session, recreating your sounds by using our collection of vintage and modern synthesizers, drum machines, and/or instruments. To facilitate collaboration and understanding between producer and engineer, we recommend for this process to be attended.

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Music Production

We offer music production, composition, and sound design for any needs. Over the years we have collaborated with a diverse roster of artists and filmmakers, as well as the acknowledged music library Popvirus.

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